When You Need to Hire a Boston Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a Boston car crash, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you might run into issues obtaining all of the compensation you deserve from your insurer. People often forget that insurance… Read More

I-95 School Bus Crash Sends 20 Students to Hospital

On the afternoon of January 11th, a school bus transporting Ephraim Curtis Middle School students was struck by another vehicle, causing the bus to crash through an Interstate 95 guardrail and roll onto its side. There were 24 passengers on the bus,… Read More

Wrong-Way Drivers in Massachusetts

Wrong-way collisions are responsible for an estimated 300 to 400 fatalities every year in the U.S. In Massachusetts alone, wrong way accidents have killed 22 people and injured more than 100 since 2011. Accidents involving wrong-way driving comprises… Read More

January Is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Nearly 120,000 children in the U.S. are born with a birth defect each year. Birth defects can range from mild to debilitating, affecting a child’s lifespan and quality of life. January was established as National Birth Defects Prevention Month in an… Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents can be extremely stressful and confusing, but knowing what to do ahead of time can greatly benefit you. If you are ever in a car accident, consider these tips when reacting to the situation. Never Leave the Scene of an Accident Many states… Read More

California State Court Green-Lights Essure Product Liability Suits Against Bayer

We recently obtained groundbreaking rulings from a California state judge whose decisions have permitted us to continue the fight on behalf of our clients, despite significant preemption, statute of limitations, and jurisdictional obstacles thrown at… Read More

VW settlement vehicles listed and payment process explained

After the highly publicized discovery that Volkswagen circumvented EPA regulations to hide nitric oxide emissions, the automaker is in the middle of the biggest class action settlement in history. Now that the German auto giant has agreed to settle consumer… Read More

Proposal Would Restore Seventh Amendment Rights to Consumers

Can you imagine the outcry if corporations used fine print – buried in contracts – to deprive us of our rights to free speech or to bear arms? The people of this country wouldn’t stand for it. But, the truth is, corporations are already denying us… Read More

Big Pharma’s Big Perks for Doctors are Big Costs to Taxpayers

Doctors who regularly accept money and perks from pharmaceutical companies – and I’m not talking about a fruit platter for the office – prescribe the companies’ brand name products two to three times as often as their peers who don’t. This is important… Read More

IVC Filter Injury Victims Demand Accountability

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters are supposed to prevent fatal blood clots, not turn into ticking time bombs in patient’s bodies. But many have become just that. The number of lawsuits is growing. Patients severely hurt by these filters, like Wendy Kopeck,… Read More

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