Birth Injury

There’s almost nothing as heartbreaking as a birth injury. The lives of babies who experience trauma during labor and delivery may be irrevocably changed before they even take their first breath—and some injuries are completely preventable. But proving medical negligence against a doctor or hospital can be extremely difficult, which is why you’ll need an experienced birth injury law firm at your side.

Janet, Janet & Suggs has a long history of advocating for birth injury survivors. Over the last 40 years, our lawyers have won hundreds of millions in compensation on behalf of families who were affected by a birth injury. We’re here to advocate for your family every step of the way and help you seek recovery to provide a lifetime of care for your child.

We understand how emotionally and financially overwhelming life feels after a birth injury. That’s why we’re here, not just as your legal representative but also as compassionate support and counsel during such a difficult time. We want to help empower you with the resources and education you need to navigate your case and your family’s future.

On our birth injury blog, you can find answers to many of your medical, legal, and financial questions, including:

  • Whether you need a birth injury lawyer and how to find one
  • What you need to know about birth injury claims and settlements
  • The most common types of birth injuries caused by medical malpractice
  • Symptoms of cerebral palsy and how it’s caused in newborns
  • Myths about cerebral palsy
  • What to look for in a birth injury attorney
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