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Protecting the Flock from the Shepherds

Like many other clergy sexual abuse survivors, our clients Diana, Keith, and Stanley spend decades being told no one believed their stories about what predators had done to them—the church was above reproach. Eventually they gave up, suffering in silence. Over time, they lost their right to seek justice and the compensation that could help make their lives better.

Today, many survivors have the opportunity to come forward and be heard, holding their abusers and the churches that protected predator priests accountable. Various states have enacted new laws, helping revive the claims of many survivors who were sexually abused as children by clergy.

The sexual abuse team at Janet, Janet & Suggs (JJS) has been helping clients in need for over 40 years, successfully representing thousands of sexual abuse survivors. While JJS strives to recover maximum compensation for survivors, these cases are not simply about the amount of money recovered. They are equally about holding predators and the institutions that enabled them accountable and helping to bring about the peace of mind survivors deserve.


"It was a total destruction of a young girl's life.”

– Catholic clergy sex abuse survivor

Meet Our Sexual Abuse Division Leaders

The team includes, among others:

  • Richard M. Serbin, who the media has described as a “crusader” for survivors of sexual abuse
  • Andrew S. Janet, who has represented hundreds of sexual abuse survivors, including women who were sexually exploited by an OBGYN at USC’s university health center
  • Matthew White, who advocates for victims that suffered through sexual abuse as children at the hands of religious organizations and in other institutional settings
  • Howard A. Janet, a compassionate advocate for sexual abuse survivors who has won record-breaking recoveries in a wide range of high-profile cases
  • Adina Katz, who has represented children in a wide range of abuse and neglect cases
  • Rita M. Gribko, has over 25 years of litigation experience in civil, family, and criminal practice—most significantly representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Why Choose JJS for Your Clergy Sexual Abuse Case?

As a national law firm with a 40+ year track record, we have the financial wherewithal to advance substantial case costs on your behalf, putting you in the best possible position to recover the compensation you deserve. And you'll never have to pay attorneys' fees or case costs unless your case is won.

We are adept at deposing high-level institutional and corporate defendants. Our legal acumen has enabled us to successfully argue cases before appellate courts, resulting in favorable precedent for not only our clients, but also other sexual abuse survivors.

The JJS team has been nationally recognized for delivering real justice on behalf of sexual abuse victims. We are not afraid to take on the tough cases or go head-to-head with the nation’s largest and most powerful organizations. Our clients can depend on JJS to seek the full measure of justice they deserve. Contact our experienced and compassionate sexual abuse team today.

Significant Recoveries in High-Profile Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual abuse is life-altering, causing severe emotional and psychological trauma. It can bring about costly medical bills, mental health conditions, and the inability to work. Our team of trial attorneys has a proven track record of taking on tough cases involving some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious organizations—including the Catholic church—and winning.

JJS has secured justice and compensation for our clients that includes:

  • $842.4 million in a sexual abuse case against the University of Southern California. Individual claims resolved for an average award of $1.2 million per client. This is the largest settlement in a sexual abuse case in U.S. history and the largest award against a university. This was a settlement achieved by the efforts of multiple firms. JJS represented the second largest group of clients, 139 out of 702.
  • $243.6 million in a sexual abuse case against University of California, Los Angeles. This was a settlement that resulted from the efforts of multiple firms. JJS represented dozens of the 203 plaintiffs.
  • $190 million in a sexual abuse class action case against Johns Hopkins Hospital where JJS served as co-lead counsel. For his efforts in this litigation, Howard Janet was named Lawyer of the Year by the Maryland Association for Justice.
  • Confidential 7-figure settlement on behalf of “Victim 6” against Penn State University for conduct of former coach Jerry Sandusky.

The JJS team is adept at deposing high-level institutional and corporate defendants and successfully arguing cases before appellate courts, resulting in favorable precedent for not only our clients, but also other sexual abuse survivors within those jurisdictions.

Respectful, Compassionate and Determined

We pride ourselves on treating survivors and all our clients with respect and compassion. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to maximize our clients’ compensation and help them move forward. We are here to listen and to help.


"The shame, embarrassment, feeling of low self-worth, and scores of 'labels' we give ourselves are not fitting. He was a big man, I was a little boy."

– Catholic clergy sex abuse survivor

Time is of the Essence

If you were sexually abused by a clergy member or employee of a Catholic school or institution, it is imperative that you act without delay. These opportunities won’t stay open for long—state laws, federal bankruptcy laws, and established funds impose strict deadlines that abuse survivors must adhere to.

JJS would welcome the opportunity to help you bring a timely and persuasive claim, either in court or through an established compensation or bankruptcy fund. Our goal is to help you achieve a full measure of justice and the peace of mind that goes along with it.

Learn more about how we can help you. Call 1-877-692-3862.


All communications with clients are confidential to the extent permissible by law, and privileged. While some survivors are comfortable sharing their names publicly, others may prefer maintaining privacy in these matters. If we were to file a lawsuit on your behalf, we could identify you only as a Jane Doe or John Doe.

"Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades, Monsignors, auxiliary bishops, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals have mostly been protected…many have been promoted…Shepherds must stop preying upon the flock.”

– Report of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury of Pennsylvania

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