If you or someone you love has been the victim of negligence or harm—whether by medical malpractice, birth injury, or sexual abuse—you’re likely feeling overwhelmed. Dealing with the physical and psychological aftermath is traumatic enough, and you’re also burdened with the resulting financial stress.

Here at Janet, Janet & Suggs, we make the journey to justice easier. As a nationally recognized firm, we’ve recovered settlements of all sizes, ranging from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars. For over 40 years, our skill and experience has helped us assist survivors all over the country.

But to us, being your attorney is about more than just serving as your legal representative. We believe in empowering you with the resources you need to navigate every step of this difficult situation with confidence and support. Our legal blog is full of information to help you understand your options each step of the way so that your case will have the best possible outcome. Topics include:

  • Stories from survivors and plaintiffs of cases just like yours
  • Claims and statutes of limitations
  • Recent updates to high-profile cases
  • What to expect when you’re pursuing a claim
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