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At Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC, our clients are our number one priority. We work tirelessly to help make sure you have the financial resources you need for a secure future without worry about medical bills, lost wages or other hardship caused by a preventable injury. No matter the size of your case, we dedicate our full resources to helping make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Victim of Dr. Levy

Sexual Abuse

Lizzy's Case

Cerebral Palsy

Tiara's Case

Cerebral Palsy

Nathan's Case

Cerebral Palsy


"I would like to thank the lawyers. I appreciate them listening to us. I would like to thank the judge for thinking about the 9,000 women, and then some."

"On Thursday night when I got a sort of relief that the lawyers are, at least to a point, where we going to meet. where the judges are going to meet with the lawyers and sign off for a settlement, took it to a level that I can't even explain what kind of level. So it was a victory, yes that the lawyers represented us. But it's a dark place that I can’t really explain in so many words, but I had to look at the faces of everybody around me and see that for the first time, to talk about it, but then to see that I thought I was alone in it so I just left it alone, but for the first time, I see that it’s a whole army working."

“My sister saw an 800 number advertisement on the TV, said hey give them a call, and they led me to Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC… they found there was over 11 mistakes made throughout the whole first 19 days of Nathanial's life, and so they went after it… They always kept in touch. They always called. They always made sure that we knew what was going on… A lawsuit is a long, drawn out process. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of time, you know, but it's your child. It's worth it."

“No one can realize the hard work, timeless hours and years devoted to a case where victims lives are changed forever physically and emotionally. Anguished with fear and nightmares, searching for facts from so many people involved. Justin Browne & Team always had time to answer our many questions, and answered our phone calls in a reasonable time, and kept us informed about current news affecting our case. They never put us on the back-burner. We are very pleased with the result! “Settlement”

We will always recommend your law firm, 1st for superior service and excellent results! We will never use anyone else!

We realize that our best interest was always put 1st. You handled us with patience and understanding and good care always!

Your legal team represents true professionals! Your receptionist “Saunoha,” with her warm smile, politeness, and accuracy, is a great asset to your law firm!”

Lisa: "Well I had a teacher friend I worked with that just put in, just picked my brain and little bit and said did you ever think about getting her records? And I said, no, why? She’s like, maybe you should go get her records. When I did get what I thought was a complete set, the woman that gave them to me said I shouldn't tell you this, but these were under lock and key."

Damon: "I was working full time. Lisa was working full time. We didn't have the resources available to go and to track these things down, and the lawyers did. And the attorneys, they were very good and diligent in getting these answers."

"My sister, she told me, Donna maybe you should seek, you know, some legal help. And we wasn’t even thinking about lawsuits… Just to find out the truth about what happened, 'cause you do need to know. They have the knowledge and you put your hand, you trust them to take care of you, and that’s what we did. And it’s not so much as I'm gonna get you for doing this, it's we need help with her now that, you know, something was wrong. We need help raising her… By having the settlement, it's helped a lot with Tiara's surgeries, her doctor visits, all the special equipment that she needs… Because of the lawsuit, the community hospital did make changes, and that’s the whole thing, it, you know it, because of things happen to Tiara, you know, other children don't have to go through what she went through."

“I was injured when an underage drunk driver jumped the curb and hit me while I was walking my dog. I am very thankful a friend referred me to JJS. They went all out on my behalf; they took an appeal and changed the law, which allowed me to bring a claim against the adult who provided the alcohol to the underage driver. This firm is relentless.”

“Our trial started 1 year ago today. I can't believe it's been a year. I remember it all like yesterday! We think of you all often & especially today.

A lot of change is happening around Taylor's life. We built an addition with attached garage. The project is about to be finished up. We are very excited. It is amazing to load Taylor in a heated garage instead of the cold, pouring rain! Just amazing. Taylor now has a large bedroom on the main floor (lower windows, light switch etc). We will get her moved in in the coming weeks. She will also have an accessible bathroom. All hallways are now 4 ft wide for her wheelchair. We've installed an elevator so she can access all levels of the house. We will also have a therapy room downstairs. We've purchased a side by side vehicle so she is able to access the farm. She absolutely loves this.

Please know Taylor's life (& ours) have truly been changed. We will forever be grateful that our paths crossed.”
Lisa P.

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