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As a nationally recognized law firm, we’ve dedicated our lives to fighting for justice on behalf of survivors in all different kinds of cases. But we also want our clients to have an active role in the rewriting of their story, and that’s why it’s so important to stay informed and aware. After all, as we experience changes in technology, community awareness, and societal expectations of the legal system, the laws adapt to reflect that change.

We’ve made it easy for clients like you to stay on top of newsworthy updates that may affect your case. From press releases to lawsuits similar to yours to our firm’s recent accomplishments, our firm news blog covers everything you’ll need to know, including these topics:

  • What you need to know about bankruptcy court. These days, more childhood sexual abuse survivors are coming forward with their stories than ever before. As a result, some of these institutions may be unable to offer survivors the compensation they deserve.
  • How an earlier cerebral palsy diagnosis can improve the future for children with CP. New diagnosis guidelines have allowed various U.S. hospitals to reduce the average age at diagnosis from 19.5 months to 9.5 months.
  • JJS recognition. In March 2021, JJS and co-counsel achieved a $842.4M settlement against the University of Southern California (USC) on behalf of women who were sexually exploited during exams performed by former OBGYN Dr. George Tyndall at USC’s Student Health Center. This is the largest known settlement in a sexual abuse case in U.S. history, as well as the largest known personal injury settlement against a university.
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