Nursing Home Abuse

When our elderly loved ones live in a nursing home, we find comfort knowing that they have twenty-four-hour access to medical and personal care in an environment that’s safe, clean, and professional. The tragic reality, however, is that some of these residents can face neglect, injury, negligence, abuse, and other forms of mistreatment from the very people we have trusted with their care.

If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home malpractice, the physical and emotional trauma they have faced can be overwhelming for the entire family. In order to hold the responsible party accountable, you’ll need an experienced attorney who can defend their rights in the eyes of the law.

At Janet, Janet & Suggs, we care about our clients and their families. For 40 years, our nationally recognized lawyers have been fighting tirelessly to protect the rights of nursing home abuse victims. We’re also committed to making the lawsuit journey as clear and informative as possible, so that victims and their families can focus on what matters most—their recovery.

That’s why we’ve created a nursing home abuse section filled with content to help you understand and navigate the nursing home abuse lawsuit process. From thorough explanations about claims and settlements to how to detect signs of abuse, this one-stop resource gives you all the information you’ll need to determine whether to seek legal representation for your loved one.

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