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As a parent, your top priority is safeguarding the health and well-being of your children. While your child's pediatrician is responsible for helping your monitor and improve your children's health, negligence and malpractice can and does occur, even in pediatric medicine.


Find out today if you are eligible for compensation.

If your child has suffered as a result of pediatric malpractice, you have legal rights and can take action against the responsible party. At Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC, we can help you with your case and provide guidance throughout the legal process. Our team of pediatric malpractice lawyers is available to help you secure the compensation you deserve for the suffering inflicted by the pediatric malpractice

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What to Know About Pediatric Malpractice Cases

Understanding what pediatric malpractice looks like can help you determine whether you might have a case. Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider makes a negligent error or a poor decision, causing additional health issues, injuries and even preventable death.

What Is Pediatric Medical Malpractice?

Pediatric medical malpractice happens when the treating physician, nurse or another healthcare professional who is responsible for caring for your child does not meet a reasonable medical standard of care, which causes an injury or injuries. Examples of pediatric malpractice include:

  • Errors in treatment
  • Misdiagnosed health problems
  • Errors in prescribing medications
  • Delaying a diagnosis for a health condition
  • Failing to provide warning of the risks associated with a particular treatment or medication

At all stages of childhood and adolescence, children can experience medical needs and concerns that require immediate care and treatment. A child is generally more fragile than a healthy adult, which means that they may not be able to recover without proper medical intervention. Additionally, it may be more difficult for children to express the symptoms they are experiencing, so more responsibility falls on the healthcare providers to diagnose based on other methods.

What Are Some Possible Impacts of Pediatric Medical Malpractice?

Even a small mistake committed by a pediatric healthcare provider can carry severe consequences. Some common impacts include:

  • Your child could experience an allergic reaction to a prescribed medication.
  • They could have a serious condition that goes undiagnosed, which can result in serious injuries or long-term health effects that could impact your child's ability to develop and function.
  • Children who are survivors of pediatric medical malpractice may experience developmental delays.

How a Pediatric Malpractice Lawyer Can Help With Your Case

When a pediatrician or other healthcare provider breaches the duty of care they owe to your child, they should be held responsible for their actions. A medical malpractice attorney who specializes in pediatric cases will take the steps necessary to secure compensation for the emotional, physical, and financial damages the malpractice caused.

Engaging a pediatric malpractice attorney on your family's behalf allows you to focus on helping your child, while your legal representation takes on the case and stands up for your family. An attorney can take action within the designated time frame to ensure you take advantage of the opportunity to seek compensation and hold responsible parties accountable. Your law firm will do the work of obtaining medical records, communicating with involved parties, filing a claim, and negotiating for fair compensation.

Locations We Serve

Janet, Janet & Suggs, maintains offices in Washington, D.C., Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Maryland, Illinois and Iowa. Our attorneys practice nationwide, with court approval.

Meet the Leaders of JJS's Medical Malpractice Division

Howard A. Janet

Howard Janet is one of the nation’s top plaintiffs’ medical malpractice attorneys and has uncovered medical mistakes other lawyers have missed, recovering record-breaking results throughout much of the country. He is the author of multiple books, including Navigating a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit, Representing Plaintiffs in Medical Malpractice Cases (lead author) and Patients’ Rights and Doctors’ Wrongs – Secrets to a Safer Pregnancy and Childbirth (with Dr. Giles Manley).


Ken Suggs, a navy veteran, has long been considered one of the nation’s premier medical negligence trial lawyers, and served as President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now known as American Association of Justice), the leading national plaintiff’s bar association. He is a relentless advocate for his clients.

Giles H. Manley

Dr. Giles Manley, a board-certified physician, practiced medicine for 20 years before becoming a medical malpractice attorney. The value his medical knowledge and experience brings to his clients cases is priceless.


Gerald Jowers has produced extraordinary results for service members, veterans, and their families in military medical malpractice cases, both at the settlement table and in the courtroom.

Why Choose Janet, Janet & Suggs For Your Pediatric Malpractice Case

If you suspect that your child may have been impacted by pediatric malpractice, contact Janet, Janet & Suggs. For 40 years, JJS has remained committed to our clients, and takes the time to understand the needs of each individual client, allowing us to put together a compelling legal case. We also consult with other healthcare professionals who can review your child's medical records and confirm when the malpractice occurred. Throughout the process, we will fight for your rights and serve as your trusted ally as we seek to recover the damages you have suffered due to this preventable incident.

We have extensive experience in medical malpractice cases, including several that involve pediatric malpractice:

  • $4.6 million verdict in case of malpractice that resulted in the death of a child
  • $2 million verdict in wrongful death of a child due to complications of a massive overdose of medication given to treat a premature birth-related condition

JJS lawyers have authored numerous articles, have been the lead or sole author of multiple books about medical malpractice. Our lawyers are frequently called upon by trial lawyer associations to educate other lawyers about how to most effectively represent patients in medical malpractice cases. Books include Representing Plaintiffs in Medical Malpractice Cases and Navigating a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit, both published by Thomson Reuters, as well as Patient’s Rights and Doctor’s Wrongs: Secrets to a Safer Pregnancy and Childbirth.

If you are concerned that your child may be the victim of pediatric malpractice, contact us at JJS for a free case evaluation. We will evaluate the information and determine whether you may have a strong case against the pediatric healthcare provider and work hard to seek justice and compensation for your family.

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