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Your “treatment” may have included sexual abuse.

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A great many women have now come forward accusing NewYork-Presbyterian OBGYN Dr. Robert Hadden of sexually exploiting or abusing them under the guise of medical treatments and exams. Hadden is alleged to have inappropriately touched, fondled, licked, and/or penetrated patients repeatedly for decades. NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center received repeated complaints but chose to protect the alleged abuser and allow him to continue practicing. If you were a patient of Dr. Hadden, you may have a case and be entitled to compensation.

JJS Has Helped Thousands of Women Abused During OBGYN Exams

Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC has delivered justice for thousands of women exploited and abused during gynecologic exams. Violations have included unnecessary and invasive probing, inappropriate or sexual contact, lewd comments, penetration, and photography.

In February 2022, JJS and co-counsel reached a $243.6 million settlement with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for OBGYN abuse that spanned decades. This settlement, on behalf of 203 plaintiffs (of which JJS represented 27), is part of a larger group of settlements totaling nearly $700 million recovered from UCLA for their part in the sexual abuse, assault, and harassment of patients by Dr. Heaps.

In March 2021, JJS and co-counsel achieved a record-setting $842.4M settlement against the University of Southern California (USC) on behalf of women who were sexually exploited during exams performed by former OBGYN Dr. George Tyndall at USC’s Student Health Center. This is the largest known settlement in a sexual abuse case in U.S. history, as well as the largest known personal injury settlement against a university.

We have also secured a “historic” $190 million settlement with Johns Hopkins Hospital regarding the sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct of OBGYN Dr. Nikita Levy. The settlement secured by JJS is one of the largest sexual abuse cases against a single abuser in U.S. history and helped approximately 8,000 women abused by Dr. Levy get the justice they deserved.

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  • Janet, Janet & Suggs has been helping clients in need for 40 years.
  • We have successfully represented thousands of sexual abuse survivors against abusers and those who protected them.
  • JJS has recovered over $3 billion in compensation to help make our clients’ lives better.
  • We have gone head-to-head against the Catholic Church, major universities, hospitals, doctors, foster care providers, the Boy Scouts of America and others.

Compassionate and Experienced Legal Representation

Many survivors of sexual abuse are reluctant or even scared to come forward with their stories. We understand how difficult this can be, and have built our Sexual Abuse Division around a model of respect, compassion, and dignity. We also leave no stone unturned in our effort to maximize our clients’ compensation and help them move forward.

Meet Our Sexual Abuse Division Leaders

The team includes, among others:

  • Richard M. Serbin, who the media has described as a “crusader” for survivors of sexual abuse
  • Andrew S. Janet, who has represented hundreds of sexual abuse survivors, including women who were sexually exploited by an OBGYN at USC’s university health center
  • Matthew White, who advocates for victims that suffered through sexual abuse as children at the hands of religious organizations and in other institutional settings
  • Howard A. Janet, a compassionate advocate for sexual abuse survivors who has won record-breaking recoveries in a wide range of high-profile cases
  • Adina Katz, who has represented children in a wide range of abuse and neglect cases
  • Rita M. Gribko, has over 25 years of litigation experience in civil, family, and criminal practice—most significantly representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse

What is the Alleged Improper Conduct by Dr. Hadden?

Dr. Robert Hadden was licensed to practice medicine in New York beginning in 1990. Shortly after becoming licensed, Dr. Hadden began practicing gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and affiliated hospitals. There, Dr. Hadden is alleged to have engaged in a number of unnecessary and inappropriate behaviors with his patients including:

  • Inappropriately probing patients with fingers during exams
  • Making inappropriate inquiries about patients' sexual activities
  • Conducting phony or unnecessary vaginal and breast exams
  • Making crude remarks and unprofessional comments to patients
  • Violating HIPAA laws by revealing patients' medical information

According to experts, the above actions and behaviors fall outside the expected standard of care for a gynecologist. At this time, the full extent of Dr. Hadden's alleged misconduct is unknown and many victims may be unaware of the fact that they were abused.

Numerous victims voiced their concerns and filed complaints with medical staff, nurses, administrators, doctors and other medical personnel. However each was systematically ignored. Dr. Hadden’s sexual exploitation and abuse was allowed to continue under the knowledge and supervision of NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University personnel.

If you were ever a patient of Dr. Hadden, you may have a case.

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Patients should be able to trust that the doctors and medical staff treating them are trustworthy, trained professionals who have been thoroughly vetted and are providing appropriate care. For too long, it appears NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center allowed reports of crude, unprofessional behavior and unlawful activity to circulate without taking appropriate action to ensure patients were protected.

If you believe you were mistreated by Dr. Hadden, please contact the attorneys at Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC today. Any information you share with us is always confidential to the extent permissible by law, and there is no obligation to move forward with a case. Our team includes a board-certified OBGYN who can help determine if the treatment provided to you by Dr. Hadden was appropriate, professional and within the standard of care. If you were a patient of Dr. Hadden, don't suffer in silence — get the justice you deserve today.

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