Were You a Patient Of USC’s Dr. George Tyndall?

It’s Time to Make a Choice

The deadline is fast approaching for you to make an important decision: Should you participate in a pending federal class action lawsuit or pursue your claim as an individual lawsuit in state court?

One federal class action and over 700 individual state lawsuits have been filed against OBGYN Dr. George Tyndall and the University of Southern California (USC) on behalf of women who have alleged they were sexually exploited during exams performed by Dr. Tyndall at USC’s Student Health Center.

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Whether you should opt into the class action settlement or pursue an individual claim depends on the circumstances of your case. The compensation you are entitled to may significantly exceed the artificial ceilings in the settlement.

  • Many victims are deciding that participation in the settlement is not their best option and are opting out of the class action, especially if their experiences with Dr. Tyndall had a significant impact on them.

  • The money offered in the settlement for each claim has been criticized as inadequate, compared to the impact this has had on victims’ lives.

  • In fact, the settlement is as low as it is because it was negotiated at a time when USC was threatening to dismiss most of the claims via the statute of limitations. USC had the leverage to get a good deal for themselves.

  • Now, the statute of limitations is no longer an issue because Governor Newsom has signed a bill (AB1510) that will explicitly permit all state cases against USC and Dr. Tyndall to proceed.

After hearing what our clients experienced and how they have been affected, we have recommended to the vast majority of them to pursue their cases individually. However, there are many for whom we concluded participating in the class settlement would likely serve them better.

It would be wise to consult an experienced lawyer to advise you on your options. We would welcome the opportunity to help you make the right decision.


Janet, Janet & Suggs (JJS), in collaboration with Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos (ASWT), has been on the front lines of advising and representing hundreds of victims of Dr. Tyndall.

  • We have been appointed as co-liaison counsel on behalf of over 700 plaintiffs in the individual cases.

  • We played an instrumental role in developing the AB1510 bill, which removed USC’s statute of limitations defense, and shepherding it through the legislative process.

A Track Record of Advocacy
JJS is a national sexual abuse law firm that has delivered justice for thousands of women abused by OBGYNs. One such case resulted in a $190 million record-setting settlement against Johns Hopkins Hospital for misconduct by an OBGYN that in many respects mirrored Dr. Tyndall’s abusive behavior.

  • Elise Sanguinetti is the immediate past president of the American Association of Justice (formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America).

  • Mike Arias is the president-elect of Consumer Attorneys of California.

  • Natalie D’Antonio of JJS is a former sexual abuse prosecutor.

  • Kate Harvey-Lee of ASWT is a tireless and highly experienced legal advocate for women.

  • Andrew Janet of JJS is vice chair of the firm’s Sexual Abuse Division.

  • What is the Alleged Misconduct by Dr. Tyndall and USC?

    Many of the abused USC students did not realize they were victimized sexually because Dr. Tyndall led them to believe he was providing medical care that they needed. He even took explicit photographs of women’s genitalia under the guise of it being medically necessary.

    The LA Times, which exposed Dr. Tyndall’s abusive behavior, reported that his “unprofessional and inappropriate behaviors” included:

    • Photographing patients' genitals

    • Making inappropriate comments or remarks about patients' bodies, sexual activities, ethnicities and religious beliefs

    • Requiring patients to submit to nude "full body" exams

    • Inappropriately "probing" patients with fingers during exams

    • Inappropriately touching or fondling patients' genitals or bodies during exams

    • Other behaviors that fall outside the expected standard of care for gynecologists

    USC received numerous complaints of Dr. Tyndall’s sexually abusive behavior as early as 1991, but USC administrators failed to take action and allowed him to continue mistreating his patients for almost 30 years.

    It has been widely reported that USC took no steps to stop Dr. Tyndall until investigative reporting brought the matter to light. Even then, USC rewarded Dr. Tyndall with a handsome financial severance package.

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    As a patient, you should be able to trust that the doctors and medical professionals providing you with care are trustworthy, trained, and professional individuals who have been thoroughly vetted and are providing appropriate care, not physicians seeking to manipulate and exploit their patients. For too long, it appears USC allowed accusations and reports of inappropriate behavior and unlawful activity to circulate without taking appropriate action to ensure students were protected.

    If you believe you were a victim of Dr. Tyndall, please contact the attorneys at Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC or Arias, Sanguinetti, Wang & Torrijos, LLP today. You don’t pay us anything unless and until we recover compensation on your behalf. Any information you share with us is always confidential, and CA law permits victims of sexual assault or abuse to remain nameless. If you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall, don't suffer in silence. Get the justice you deserve today.

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    Join the Fight Against USC
    It's Fast, Free and Always Confidential
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