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Patients who have undergone a surgery that involved a 3M Bair Hugger blanket have filed numerous complaints about developing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), sepsis and other serious infections that were directly caused by the device.

If you or a loved one developed a serious infection after a transplant or joint replacement surgery that involved the use of a Bair Hugger warming blanket, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Janet, Janet & Suggs are experienced in handling class action lawsuits and will help you file your own Bair Hugger lawsuit against its manufacturers.


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Dangers Caused by the Bair Hugger Warming Blanket

The Bair Hugger warming blanket was designed to maintain a patient’s body temperature during surgery. The method has been proven to reduce bleeding and accelerate recovery time.

However, forced-air systems, like the Bair Hugger, have been found to recirculate air from floor of the surgical room that is possibly contaminated with harmful bacteria. That air can contaminate the sterile surgery site, leading to an infection.

Patients who have undergone hip and knee replacements are at the greatest risk for developing a deep joint infection. Patients undergoing heart-valve implants are also at great risk for infection. These infections can create long lasting complications some of which include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Amputation
  • Multiple or prolonged hospital visits
  • Antibiotic treatment intravenously
  • Additional surgeries
  • Increased risk of joint infection

Those who have experienced these effects have filed a Bair Hugger lawsuit against its manufacturer, Arizant Healthcare Inc., a subsidiary of 3M. Our attorneys have worked with several victims of defective medical products and are devoted to fighting manufacturers that negligently release harmful products to the public. Through a free, no obligation consultation, we can help you determine if you have a case.

Signs of an Infection Cause by Bair Hugger Warming Blankets

Infections caused by Bair Hugger warming blankets usually occur deep within knee or hip joints and are very difficult to treat. These infections may require multiple visits to physicians and are usually treated with a series of multiple surgeries that cause complications to the implant you may have received.

Some symptoms of an infected joint replacement include:

  • Warmth and redness around the wound
  • Increased pain and stiffness
  • Fatigue
  • Wound drainage
  • Swelling
  • Fevers, chills and night sweats

These symptoms will lead to severe medical complications that can cause life-altering damage. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention to treat the infection. You should then speak with one of our attorneys to determine if you are entitled to file a Bair Hugger lawsuit to seek compensation for any medical expenses that occur.

Prior Bair Hugger Controversies

The manufacturers of the Bair Hugger, Arizant Healthcare Inc. and 3M, have repeatedly denied that the device can cause infections. However, multiple studies have contradicted this claim. Dr. Scott D. Augustine, the inventor of the Bair Hugger, even denounced his own invention in 2010 and stated that it should no longer be used in surgeries.

There have been hundreds of lawsuits filed against 3M stating that the company knew about the risks that Bair Huggers posed to patients undergoing surgery, yet continued to market the product as safe without providing any sort of warning.

By filing a lawsuit against 3M, you will be able to seek justice against a company that has knowingly placed patients in harm’s way. Our attorneys will provide you with a free consultation to review your claim and determine if you are entitled to file a Bair Hugger lawsuit and receive compensation for the injuries the device has caused you.

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File a Bair Hugger Lawsuit

At Janet, Janet & Suggs, our class action attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of the injured. We have helped many people who have been affected by defective medical products and witnessed firsthand the harm that can be caused. We understand the difficulties that you and your family are going through during this time and wish to help you seek justice.

Through a free, no obligation consultation, our attorneys will review your claim in detail and discuss the circumstances surrounding your negative experience with a Bair Hugger warming blanket. We can then determine if you are entitled to file a Bair Hugger lawsuit and receive compensation.

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