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The Catholic Church and Boy Scouts are Lobbying Against Child Abuse Statutes. This is Their Playbook

Pennsylvania state Rep. Tom Murt slid into a pew at his childhood church, seeking a break from politics and the stress of work. Instead, Murt got an earful.

In his sermon, the priest talked about a bill pending in the state Legislature that would give survivors of child sexual abuse more time to sue their abusers – and the institutions that hid abuse.

The Catholic Church was being mistreated, the priest said. Legislators were being particularly harsh toward the church while leaving public school teachers who commit crimes off the hook. Then the priest singled out Murt.

Tom Murt, the priest said, wasn’t defending the church in its time of need. In fact, the Republican and lifelong Catholic was supporting the legislation. Similar scenes played out across Pennsylvania that week in 2016. One Catholic lawmaker learned she was disinvited from an event because she had voted for the bill. Another felt targeted when his parish pointed out his support for the legislation in a church bulletin.

Such efforts may have appeared hyperlocal and deeply personal, but they weren’t. They were part of a coordinated effort by the Catholic Church to kill the Pennsylvania legislation. That effort extended from the halls of the statehouse – where church-sponsored lobbyists worked behind the scenes and testified publicly – to the very pews where some legislators bowed their heads in prayer.     READ FULL STORY
Source: USA Today

Review of Boy Scouts ‘Perversion Files’ Reveals 12,000 Victims, Almost 8,000 Abusers

A psychiatry professor hired by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to review files on child sexual abuse within its ranks has found files on 7,819 perpetrators and 12,254 victims, with perhaps still more to come, according to a New York law firm.     READ FULL STORY
Source: The Epoch Times

Lawsuits Expected as Dozens of WNY Boy Scout Leaders Accused of Sex Abuse

When a one-year window opens in August allowing decades-old claims of sex abuse to be heard in New York courts for the first time, some attorneys said the number of lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America could rival or even surpass those facing Catholic dioceses.    READ FULL STORY
Source: The Buffalo News

Lawsuit Seeks Release of Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Files

A man who said he was abused by a Boy Scouts troop leader in the 1980s announced a lawsuit against the organization Tuesday, joining others nationwide who are pushing to open long-secret files containing the names of scout volunteers who were banned or considered risks for child sexual abuse.    READ FULL STORY
Source: The Star Tribune

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