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Uterine Rupture Birth Injuries

A uterine rupture occurs when the myometrial (uterine) wall is breached, resulting in a serious, life-threatening situation for both the mother and baby.

Uterine rupture injuries occur in between 0.5% to 1.0% of births – with women who have previously had a cesarean section being at a higher risk of developing this complication. However, uterine rupture has also been known to occur in women who have never undergone a cesarean for a variety of a reasons, including: weak uterine muscles, a prior surgical procedure on the uterus, excessive use of labor-inducing agents, and/or mid-pelvic use of forceps.

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What Is Uterine Rupture?

What Is a Uterine Rupture?

Rupture of the uterus during pregnancy can be life threatening to both mother and baby and can also lead to permanent brain damage. In a uterine rupture, the myometrium—the tissue that forms the wall of the uterus—breaks open. This can lead to rapid loss of blood pressure and severe bleeding, impacting both the mother and the baby.

There are two types of uterine rupture: a complete rupture, where the myometrial wall is breached and the contents of the uterus may spill into the broad ligament and/or the peritoneal cavity and an incomplete rupture, where the myometrial wall is breached, but the peritoneum remains intact.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

Signs of uterine rupture may include worrisome readings on an electronic fetal monitor (sometimes called “fetal distress” or a “non-reassuring fetal heart tracing”), uterine tenderness, abdominal pain (especially at the site of a previous scar), vaginal bleeding, uterine atony, a fetus abnormally descending lower into the pelvis, and shock.

Risk Factors & Treatment

Risk Factors for Uterine Rupture

Most cases of uterine rupture involve women who have had a previous cesarean delivery or uterine surgery. However, certain drugs used to stimulate labor, particularly Cytotec (misoprostol) also put women at an increased risk of uterine rupture. Other risk factors include the use of mid-pelvic forceps and weak uterine muscles, usually from several pregnancies.

Treatment for Uterine Rupture
Emergency stabilization of a mother’s blood supply and delivery of a baby as soon as possible are required in cases of uterine rupture.

Depending on the severity of the rupture and the condition of the mother, the uterus may either be replaced via a cesarean hysterectomy or repaired. Any delay to diagnose or treat a uterine rupture may place the mother and/or the baby at significant risk.

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