Food Poisoning Scare: Why Washing Fruits and Vegetables is Critical

None of us would ever eat raw chicken or hamburger. We also know that we should not eat raw eggs or food containing raw eggs, like chocolate chip cookie dough (no matter how good it tastes). And we all know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables every day, especially raw when they have the most vitamins and minerals.

What you may not know is that the most dangerous food at your next barbecue is not your world famous double chili cheeseburger (that you cooked to 165º), or your Grandmother’s special potato salad (that you properly kept on ice in a cooler until ready to serve), but your tossed salad or fresh fruit salad with melon.

That’s right. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables can be as dangerous as undercooked meat and unrefrigerateddairy products. In recent years, the United States has had several large outbreaks of illness caused by contaminated fruits and vegetables—including spinage, tomatoes, lettuce, apples and melons. Two recent major food-borne illness outbreaks involving cantaloupes infected with Salmonella or Listeria have caused deaths. If you or a loved one has become sick from contaminated food contact the reputable personal injury attorneys in Boston to find out about your legal options.

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