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A car accident can turn your life upside down, leaving you at a loss for how to pay for mounting medical bills, lost days at work and other expenses associated with injuries from a collision. Our experienced Boston car accident lawyers can help take much of this burden off your shoulders.

As accomplished Boston personal injury lawyers, we have decades of experience helping innocent accident victims obtain the compensation they need to recover from their injuries and get back on their feet after an accident. Kenneth M. Suggs, the head of our personal injury division, is a member of The Summit Council, an invitation-only group of the top civil justice lawyers in the nation. Each attorney in the group has satisfied a series of high standards, such as obtaining at least one $10 million jury verdict. Through a free, no obligation consultation we will review the details of your claim and advise you of your legal options. You will not be charged legal fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC’s Boston office is located at 31 St. James Avenue Suite 365, just 15 minutes away from the Boston Municipal Court Department.

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How an Accident Attorney Can Help

No matter how straight-forward your accident may seem, car accident cases are often complex and require the experience of seasoned Boston car accident lawyers. Our team understands that every case is different, which is why we tailor our services to the specific needs of each of our clients.

Our auto accident attorneys will:

Investigate your claim – This includes analyzing accident and police reports, reviewing medical records, questioning witnesses, and gathering other important evidence. If your case warrants it, we can use the latest technology to reconstruct the accident to gain a better understanding of what happened.

Consult medical experts – They can help our Boston car accident lawyers evaluate your injuries to prove that they were caused by the accident. Medical experts can also determine all of the treatments your injuries require and how your injuries will affect you in the future, allowing us to determine the amount of compensation you will need.

Communicate with the insurance company – Despite what you hear in their TV commercials, insurance companies are focused on their bottom line, not your best interests. Saying the wrong thing could hurt or eliminate any chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. Our auto accident lawyers know how to talk to insurance companies in a way that protects your best interests.

Negotiate a fair settlement with your insurer – After investigating your claim, we will determine a fair amount of compensation for the damages you have suffered. Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC’s Boston car accident lawyers will not accept any unfair settlement offers.

Having represented countless accident victims, we know the many challenges and difficulties you face after an accident. This enables us to accurately determine the maximum compensation you will need to recover from your injuries and move on after an accident.

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Filing a Claim After a Boston Car Crash

Massachusetts is a no-fault state, which means car accident victims must seek compensation from their own insurance companies no matter who was at fault for the accident, according to Section 34M of Massachusetts general laws.

Drivers are also required to purchase personal injury protection policies (PIP) for a minimum of $8,000 per person to cover the following damages from the accident. These policies will cover the following damages for a maximum of $8,000:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical expenses – This includes bills for surgery, hospital stays, X-rays and other medical tests, prosthetic devices, dental services, ambulance fees and funeral costs.
  • Lost wages – Your PIP policy will cover up to 75 percent of your average weekly gross wages.
  • Replacement services – This covers the costs of household or other services that you would perform if you were not injured. This could include things like child care costs or the cost to have groceries delivered to your home.

Massachusetts does not require drivers to purchase collision coverage, but if you have it you can file a claim to receive compensation for damage to your car.

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Working with Your Insurance Company After a Crash

Even though you are working with your own insurance company, you need to be careful what you say about your injuries and the accident. The adjuster and others you talk to may seem nice, but their goal is to pay as little as possible for your claim.

If you plan to communicate with the insurance company yourself, follow these best practices to protect your best interests:

  • Do not assume fault – Even if you believe you bear some responsibility for the accident, there could be mitigating factors. It is difficult to determine fault for a car accident and you should let the investigative process play out. The insurance company may find that there were things the other driver could have done differently to prevent the accident.
  • Do not say you are fine – Even if you are not in pain and have little reason to suspect an injury, you should let qualified medical professionals determine whether or not you are injured. Some injuries take time to show symptoms.
  • Do not agree to have your conversation recorded – You are within your rights to decline to have your conversation recorded or decline to sign any written statements about the accident. If you say the wrong thing and it is recorded, it could hurt your chances of recovering fair compensation or any compensation at all.

It is difficult to avoid saying the wrong thing unless you have experience talking to insurance adjusters. That is why you should strongly consider hiring a car accident attorney to deal with the insurance company for you.

Our Boston car accident lawyers have recovered millions in compensation for victims of traffic accidents and are experienced in working with the insurance company on our clients’ behalf.

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Comparative Fault Rules in Massachusetts

If our Boston car accident lawyers take your claim to court, comparative fault rules may limit the amount of compensation you are entitled.

If an injured person bears some responsibility for causing the accident, the amount of compensation he or she can receive will be reduced by the percentage of fault that person had in causing the accident, so long as their responsibility is less than the other party. If you are more than 50 percent at fault, you are not entitled to any compensation.

For instance, if you are 40 percent at fault for the accident, your damages award would be reduced by 40 percent. If your case was requesting $10,000, you would only receive $6,000.

Comparative fault rules may also be applied by your insurance company when negotiating an insurance claim.

That is why you need an experienced Boston car accident lawyer to represent you with your insurance company. An injury attorney can help make sure the insurer does not assign you more fault for the accident than you deserve.

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Seeking Additional Compensation

In many situations, the amount of compensation offered by your insurance company will not be enough to cover the full expenses associated with your accident. We can help you explore all of your options for recovering compensation, including approaching the negligent party’s insurance company or filing a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to provide an adequate amount.

In the state of Massachusetts, you can only file a car accident lawsuit if you have more than $2,000 in medical expenses or you have a permanent or severe injury. While $2,000 is a fixed amount, there is some flexibility with the definition of a severe injury, and our attorneys can help you determine if you can file a lawsuit.

If you do have a case, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

Having an accomplished attorney by your side throughout this process is especially important. We will guide you every step of the way, making sure your best interests are represented and working to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Accident Cases We Handle

Our team is accomplished in successfully representing accident victims injured in a variety of auto accidents, including those involving:

Often, these accidents are the result of some form of negligence, such as:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Failing to obey traffic laws
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving

Our Boston car accident lawyers utilize an experienced team of medical experts, specialists to rebuild the accident site and other industry leaders to investigate your accident and determine the exact cause of your injuries and who should be held liable.

This helps us build a strong case on your behalf so that we can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Get started today with a free consultation.

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Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims

You have only three years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Massachusetts. This is a deadline set by the state’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims.

You will not be able to bring a claim after this time limit has expired. However, if you did not discover an injury until sometime after the accident, the time limit will begin from the date you discovered the injury.

Because of this, you should contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible after a car accident. Our Boston car accident lawyers can help ensure that a lawsuit is filed before the statute of limitations expires, even while negotiating with your insurance company.

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We have recovered millions on behalf of accident victims throughout the state and country and will utilize our vast resources to help ensure you get the financial help you deserve.

Because you have only a limited amount of time to file a claim, you should not wait to contact us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. We charge no upfront costs or any attorneys’ fees unless you receive compensation.

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