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Are You Safe in the ICU? 5 Missed Diagnoses and How to Protect Yourself

As a medical malpractice attorney in Boston, it never ceases to amaze me how many patients suffer injuries or even die due to missed diagnoses. If you think the gravely ill patients in an intensive care unit are shielded from these medical errors, think again. A study by Bradford Winters, an associate professor of anesthesiology and... Read More

Hospital Infection Lawsuit FAQs

One out of every 20 hospitalized patients will develop a hospital-associated infection (HAI), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These infections can be devastating; 100,000 each year die from them. If the infection was caused by hospital conditions or staff actions and resulted in substantial harm to the patients, they or their... Read More

Report: Wrong Diagnoses Hurt 160,000 Each Year

Wrong, missed or delayed diagnoses by doctors may be responsible for as many as 80,000 deaths and another 80,000 severe injuries each year, according to a new study published this month by Johns Hopkins University. These results aren’t surprising to lawyers who represent victims of medical negligence. The stats confirm what our cases tell us: while... Read More

Eight Ways to Stay Safer While in the Hospital

As the dismal statistics bear out, a hospital stay can be hazardous to your health. Among hospitalized Medicare patients alone, the government reports some 15,000 die each month due to a preventable mistake. As an attorney with 30 years’ experience dealing with malpractice, I advise my friends and family to take eight precautions if they... Read More

“Sorry, Here’s a Check” Approach to Medical Malpractice Leaves Patients at Risk

Seven Massachusetts hospitals have launched a “quick apology-then-settlement” program for people hurt by medical malpractice. But this approach isn’t likely to improve patient safety. The program also contains a glaring flaw: it does not require patients who are offered a settlement to be represented by legal counsel, yet it asks them to sign away their... Read More

Study: 86% of Hospital Errors Go Unreported

A just-released study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concludes that 86% of all hospital bedside mistakes go unreported. This is a stunning finding that should have all Americans screaming for national patient safety reform. As someone who might someday have to go to a hospital, or have a loved one go... Read More

What Everybody Ought to Know about Hospital Mistakes (And 7 Ways to Avoid Them)

The latest news on the preventable hospital error front is not good: a full-out effort by Massachusetts hospitals to reduce the number of serious medical mistakes they make each year failed to produce any reduction. The number of Massachusetts patients who were given the wrong medication, had the wrong body part operated on, or were seriously hurt... Read More

Hospital Culture of Silence Puts Patients at Risk

Nurses know it. Doctors know it. Attorneys for people who sue for medical malpractice know it. But it’s seldom discussed publicly. What is it? The culture of intimidation and silence among hospital staff that protects incompetence, ignores shortcuts and fosters disrespect among co-workers. According to a study conducted by prestigious nursing associations, this kind of... Read More

Jury’s Right to Punish Hospital for Fraud

No doubt Linda Carswell, widow of long-time Texas championship track coach Jerry Carswell, is experiencing some sense of closure following her Sept. 13 win in a Texas court. A jury awarded her $2 million for wrongful death of her husband and for allegations of fraud in how the hospital handled his body. The award – which included... Read More

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