Medical Malpractice Blog Posts

Meningitis Misdiagnosis Leads to Permanent Brain Injury–Ava’s Story

Ava* was an intelligent, adventurous young woman with a bright future ahead of her. After college, she taught English in Japan, then returned home to earn two master’s degrees before landing her dream job as a senior marketing manager. Because her meningitis was diagnosed as “swimmer’s ear”, she can’t work and needs 24-hour care. It... Read More

Medical Malpractice: Who is to Blame?

In my years as a medical malpractice attorney, no two of my cases have ever been exactly alike due to the variety of claims involved. Medical malpractice claims can be taken against providers, hospitals and other health care facilities, or to seek compensation for wrongful death, wrongful birth, or wrongful life. More often than not,... Read More

Is a Bad Medical Outcome a Malpractice Case? 5 Questions To Help You Decide

When a medical procedure results in injury or even death, it is natural to wonder if it was preventable. Often, the bad result was not caused by doctors or hospital mistakes. However, in some cases life-altering errors were made, and questions do need to be asked–and answered. Lizzy’s Case: Her Mom Would Not Give Up... Read More

Untested Use of Cardiac Surgery Device Lariat Proves Dangerous

A Class II medical device called Lariat® (SentraHEART, Inc.) fails one out of 10 times when used “off label” in a cardiac procedure to clamp off a potential source of dangerous blood clots in high risk heart patients. Furthermore, using Lariat in this procedure often leads to urgent cardiac surgery or death and does not... Read More

When It Comes to Medical Errors, Don’t Expect Disclosure

When the funeral director told the family to hire a medical malpractice attorney, Libby’s (name changed) family knew that something had gone horribly wrong, but had no idea what really happened. During a routine procedure to replace a pacemaker part, Libby’s heart muscle had been torn. She died three hours later.After her death, Libby’s family got... Read More

Medical Malpractice Doesn’t Skip the Rich and Famous

Details that have emerged about what happened to Joan Rivers during the routine procedure that led to her death would make anyone sick. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. It’s called medical malpractice and it claims the lives of thousands of Americans each year. The overwhelming majority of physicians treat their patients with the utmost... Read More

Hospital Considers Appeal of Verdict: What About Jakob?

Jakob Medley is not like most 6-year-old boys. He will never ride a bike, play sports or even get a job. He has severe brain damage, is confined to a wheelchair, he can’t talk and will always be fed through a tube in his stomach. All because the hospital and medical staff made serious mistakes... Read More

7 Clues Your Doctor Is Crossing the Line

Some 8,500 women in Baltimore just won a $192 million settlement because a hospital-employed gynecologist crossed the line from medical professional to a sexual predator. The news about Dr. Nikita Levy shocked the city of Baltimore and the nation. I practiced obstetrics/gynecology for 20 years before becoming a lawyer and this case shocked me. If your... Read More

Hopkins Agrees to Pay $190 Million to Settle Levy Claims

“This class action involves sexual abuse and shocking and horrendous invasions of privacy, both in the context of a physician/patient relationship.  Among his victims– we discovered– were children, 62 of whom are still minors. When breaches of trust like these occur, no amount of compensation can erase the memories or ease the grief of victims. But... Read More

8 Ways to Protect Against Medical Errors in Hospitals

The shocking news that preventable deaths in hospitals could run as high as 210,000 to 440,000 annually begs the question: what can I do to protect myself or a loved one in the event of a hospitalization? If you look at the source of these deaths – infection, medication errors, delayed diagnoses or action –... Read More

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