News of Possible Canadian Yaz Deaths Creates Storm of Comments

First person horror stories about birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin have been lighting up the internet on the news that Canadian authorities suspect 23 deaths of young women from the products. According to Health Canada, most of the documented deaths occurred suddenly from blood clots. More than half those who died were under 26, and... Read More

Support Women in Mass Torts

This commentary is for my fellow attorneys who practice plaintiffs’ side mass tort law. Most of you are men, and therein lies the rub and the subject of this post. We are being outsmarted and outflanked by our defense counterparts when it comes to appointing women to leadership positions in multi-district litigation (MDL). You know... Read More

Avoid Crowd “Quake” and Crush Injuries: Take Precautions

Fun these days seems to come with crowds. In the middle of enjoying a concert or strolling through a festival, it’s easy to forget that being in a crowd also holds an element of danger. If a crowd becomes panicked, for instance, people can get injured or even killed. The facts are, from 1992 through... Read More

CSI: The Food Version

Health agencies today use many of the same investigative and scientific methods used by police in criminal cases to identify a source of food contamination. For example, through the use of DNA sampling, food inspectors can track down exactly where an outbreak of foodborne illness began. This use of high-tech investigation techniques has made it... Read More

Frustrated McCook Field Resident: “Something Must be Done”

The McCook Field Neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio has been declared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be one of the worst hazardous waste sites in the nation. On a recent visit, one resident expressed her concerns to me about the contamination. “We used to live in a part of California where there was a... Read More

Big Oil’s Last Minute Ad Blitz on Keystone Failed to Bully President

President Obama, refusing to be bullied by Big Oil, has rejected the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline. He’s put bullies where all bullies need to be: Time Out. Once again, the President has placed our true national interest—the health and safety of citizens, our drinking water, our air, and our lands—above the interests of... Read More

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