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California State Court Green-Lights Essure Product Liability Suits Against Bayer

We recently obtained groundbreaking rulings from a California state judge whose decisions have permitted us to continue the fight on behalf of our clients, despite significant preemption, statute of limitations, and jurisdictional obstacles thrown at… Read More

Proposal Would Restore Seventh Amendment Rights to Consumers

Can you imagine the outcry if corporations used fine print – buried in contracts – to deprive us of our rights to free speech or to bear arms? The people of this country wouldn’t stand for it. But, the truth is, corporations are already denying us… Read More

Big Pharma’s Big Perks for Doctors are Big Costs to Taxpayers

Doctors who regularly accept money and perks from pharmaceutical companies – and I’m not talking about a fruit platter for the office – prescribe the companies’ brand name products two to three times as often as their peers who don’t. This is important… Read More

IVC Filter Injury Victims Demand Accountability

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters are supposed to prevent fatal blood clots, not turn into ticking time bombs in patient’s bodies. But many have become just that. The number of lawsuits is growing. Patients severely hurt by these filters, like Wendy Kopeck,… Read More

Unregulated Diagnostic Tests Causing Great Harm, FDA Reports

Congress should move quickly to bring all the companies that make medical diagnostic tests under FDA oversight. Recent findings show the test products are rife with error and fraud and may be causing great patient harm. In a report released in November,… Read More

Antibiotics Linked to More Health Problems

Researchers are linking more long-term, damaging side effects to use of certain antibiotics, which are among the most often prescribed medications in the world. According to studies published recently in research journals: Four antibiotics known as… Read More

To the FDA: Stop Approving Untested Mesh Products!

Let’s be clear: the FDA should not be approving any new pelvic mesh products until manufacturers can prove they don’t put women at high risk for severe and permanent injury. As logical as this sounds, the FDA has not gotten the message. It has signed… Read More

Big Pharma “Victory” May Actually Hold Generic Drugs Liable

A recent federal court ruling may hold out some hope for patients seriously injured by generic drugs – a group that thus far has been prohibited under FDA rules from suing over their injuries. The August 7th ruling in Amarin Pharma, Inc. et al v. United… Read More

Terribly Injured Teen Can’t Sue Because She Took Generic

Within months of taking the generic version of the Yaz birth control pill, drospirenone, to even out her menstrual cycles, Taylor Smoot developed multiple blood clots. The clots required 17 surgeries and left Taylor with 11 stents in her legs and stomach.… Read More

Drug Advertising Tsunami Headed Towards Consumers

A gigantic wave of drug advertising may be headed our way, and consumers need to grab on to a few facts about drug marketing to keep from being swept up in lies and misconceptions. This advertising tsunami was predicted in a recent article in Ad Age… Read More

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