Birth Injury Blog Posts

Labor and Delivery Nurses are Vital to Ensuring a Safe Delivery

In many ways, the most important day in our lives is the day we are born. Labor and delivery nurses play a vital role in ensuring that mother and baby get through safely. They are the first line of defense in avoiding preventable birth injuries, including cerebral palsy caused by insufficient oxygen during labor. A Nurse’s... Read More

Birth Timing a Factor in Cerebral Palsy

According to a major new research study, if a baby is delivered early or late, it increases the odds that the infant will develop cerebral palsy (CP). Although premature birth has long been known as a factor in cerebral palsy, this is the first study that links past-term delivery to higher CP risk. As published... Read More

Was My Child’s CP Preventable? 12 Questions to Ask

Medical negligence is well documented as a cause of serious birth injury. Much of this negligence is in the form of avoidable delays in delivering babies who aren’t getting enough oxygen during the labor and delivery process. While we don’t know how much of cerebral palsy is caused by medical negligence, studies have shown that... Read More

Let’s Talk About Cerebral Palsy Myths

In acknowledgment of National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day on March 25, our dedicated cerebral palsy lawyers share some common CP myths: children with cerebral palsy are mentally disabled, will never walk or talk, can never live independent lives, and developed cerebral palsy from an unknowable and unpreventable neonatal condition. The thing about myths is that they originate... Read More

If I Had to Hire a Birth Injury Firm, Here’s What I’d Look For

Birth injury and cerebral palsy clients come to us in various ways. Many are referrals from other attorneys, who know we are experts in the area, professional in our dealings, and have a track record of obtaining substantial settlements and verdicts. Others come to us directly after hearing or reading about our successes. Still others... Read More

Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy: Preventable Mistake or Not?

Parents whose children have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and who suspect medical error played a part usually have some basis for their suspicion. What was supposed to be a routine delivery turned into a nightmare. Their child spent time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), or experienced seizures. Doctors and nurses were vague... Read More

Possible Signs of Medical Error During Labor and Delivery

Fortunately, most births in the United States are complication-free. But in my practice, I primarily deal with parents whose child was diagnosed months or even years after birth with cerebral palsy, and who suspect medical error may have played a part. I have investigated some 15,000 of these cases over the years. As a result, I... Read More

New Blood Pumped into Fetal Heart Monitor Use

When a brain-injured infant is born and preventable medical error is suspected, the medical malpractice debate has been quick to focus on the usefulness of Electric Fetal Monitors. Even though the tracings may have clearly showed an infant in distress – warnings that were misread or worse, ignored, by doctors and nurses at the bedside... Read More

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