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Don’t Let Your Abuser or Their Protectors Get Away With It.

The Sex Abuse team at Janet, Janet & Suggs has spent decades representing survivors of sexual abuse and assault in complex, national cases against churches, organizations and large corporations who often shelter abusers while ignoring victims. We are relentless in our advocacy for our clients, which has enabled us to recover over $1 billion dollars on their behalf and secure multiple record-setting outcomes.

We’re on the Front Line of Sex Abuse Litigation

The JJS Sexual Abuse Division is currently representing students who suffered sexual abuse by USC OB/GYN Dr. George Tyndall, and survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other clergy. We are also investigating the alleged sexual misconduct of UCLA OB/GYN Dr. James Heaps. Click below for more information or to contact JJS regarding representation.

Led by attorney Howard Janet, Esq. the firm’s effective and compassionate experience has helped thousands of survivors against:

  • Abusive Catholic priests and the bishops who protected them

  • Hospitals who did nothing to stop physicians from abusing patients under the guise of providing medical care, like Johns Hopkins’s OB/GYN Nikita Levy and USC’s OB/GYN George Tyndall

  • Universities that covered up their employees’ misconduct, such as Penn State’s handling of child sexual abuse by Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky

  • Other institutions, like the Boy Scouts of America, that enabled or covered up sexual abuse

Sexual Abuse Can Happen Anywhere

The potential for sexual abuse exists in almost every setting, from schools and universities to athletic facilities, churches, workplaces, hospitals, and doctors' offices. Our team of sexual assault attorneys has successfully represented thousands of victims across the country. We understand how to uncover wrongdoing at an institutional level, which is typically necessary to achieve a full measure of justice.

We understand that there is no verdict or settlement that can erase the pain and memories that survivors endure, and that cases of this nature are not simply about compensation or what that compensation can do for survivors of sexual abuse and their families. These cases are also about protecting other innocent individuals from being sexually abused in the future.

The healing process can be challenging, lengthy, and, at times, painful. We know it can be difficult to admit to yourself and the ones you love that you are a survivor of sexual abuse. But you don’t have to go through it alone.

At JJS, we help survivors of sexual abuse get the justice they deserve, whether the predator is a clergy member, doctor, teacher, coach, or employer. JJS has the experience and resources necessary to uncover institutionalized sexual abuse, focusing not only on the conduct of sexual predators but also on the actions and failures of the institutions that aided and abetted the offenders.

There are Deadlines for Seeking Justice

Statute of Limitations (SOL) laws have prevented many victims from coming forward, and actually protected the organizations responsible for allowing these predators to continue their abuse, even after it was reported. Victims have been forced to suffer in silence as lawmakers continued to protect organizations that gave these predators access to their victims.

Many States Working to Enact “Windows of Opportunity” for Sex Abuse Survivors

More and more states are passing window of opportunity laws that allow survivors of any age to get compensation. Even survivors in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, who have suffered the consequences of child abuse for years can now move forward with their claims, and be paid for their years of torment. The original abuser may be dead, but the organization or institution behind them is still responsible and should be held accountable.

In February 2019, New York passed the Child Victims Act, which gives survivors abused in the New York area a one-year window to file a lawsuit, no matter their age or where they currently reside. Other states are also in the process of passing similar bills, which will provide an even greater opportunity to seek justice.

What These Legal Changes Mean to You

How does this legislation help sexual abuse survivors?

  • By opening up a limited "window of opportunity" for survivors of any age to file civil claims against their abusers and the organizations that covered up the abuse, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. Some of these windows last only one year and when they are gone, the window closes forever. States that have or are working to enact these opportunities include:

    • Hawaii

    • Maryland

    • New Jersey

    • New York

    • North Carolina

    • Pennsylvania

    • Vermont

    • Montana

    • Washington, D.C.

    • More are coming up every day

  • Raising the age limit that determines when a survivor can file. In New York, the limit had been 23 years of age. The new Child Victims Act changed it to 55.

  • Some laws depend on when, and if, a report was filed with authorities about the sexual abuse incident. Even if you did not file at the time of the abuse, we can help you with this necessary step.

It is vital for you to take action as soon as possible to ascertain whether you are still eligible to be compensated through the civil justice system.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Our team has guided thousands of survivors through each step of the legal process.

The harm caused by sexual abuse can be devastating, and life-long. If you or a loved one was a victim of sexual assault, abuse, or violence and we believe we can help, our experienced and caring attorneys will be there for you. We will work diligently to deliver to you or your loved one a full measure of justice.

All communications with clients are confidential and privileged. If we were to file a lawsuit on your behalf, we could identify you only as a Jane Doe or John Doe.

A Track Record of Advocacy

As a national law firm with a 30+ year track record, we have the wherewithal to advance hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of case costs on your behalf in order to put you in the best possible position to recover the compensation you deserve. And you'll never have to pay attorneys' fees or case costs unless we win your case.

Our representation of sexual abuse and assault survivors has resulted in an “historic” $190M settlement with the Johns Hopkins Hospital regarding sexual abuse by OB/GYN Dr. Nikita Levy. For decades, Dr. Levy conducted improper exams on patients— exams that included probing, inappropriate touching, lewd sexual remarks, and illicit photography. The settlement secured by JJS is one of the largest sexual abuse cases against a single abuser in U.S. history and helped thousands of women.

Recently, the firm filed the first class action lawsuits against USC in CA State Court on behalf of thousands of female students who were allegedly sexually abused and illicitly photographed by USC OB/GYN, Dr. George Tyndall. If you are a victim of Dr. Tyndall, please visit our case information page. The firm is also representing approximately 100 women who were allegedly abused by another OB/GYN, who in reality was not a legitimate physician at all and had fraudulently obtained a medical license.

The JJS team has been nationally recognized for delivering real justice on behalf of sexual abuse victims. We are not afraid to take on the tough cases or go head-to-head with the nation’s largest and most powerful organizations. Our clients can depend on JJS to seek the full measure of justice they deserve.

A "Crusader" For Victims of Abuse

Richard M. Serbin, a crusader in the fight against sexual abuse, leads the JJS Sexual Abuse Division. His work on behalf of victims has been featured in numerous national outlets, including The Daily Beast, the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Tribune-Democrat, and the Wall Street Journal.

Our team has the experience and resources necessary to untangle the complex web of lies and deceit used by institutions to conceal this wrongdoing and protect the offenders from scrutiny. If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse, you can rely on JJS.

"At JJS, we are relentless advocates for victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault. We leave no stone unturned to ensure a full measure of justice is served and that those responsible for these heinous acts are held accountable."

Howard A. Janet, Managing Principal of Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC

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